Family Law

Family law issues are generally sensitive, and require trust and confidence in counsel. Given that separation and divorce are emotional processes, especially when children are involved, it is important to have a lawyer who can guide you through the process effectively and minimize your stress and financial burden to the extent possible.

Ideally, people involved in a family law dispute can reach agreements and settle their affairs in a just and timely manner. However, negotiations can break down, or there may be an emergency that needs to be addressed, and in that event you need a strong and effective advocate.

I provide a wide range of family law services, including:
  • Litigation at all levels of court in British Columbia;
  • Guidance with mediation and other forms of collaborative dispute resolution;
  • Providing confidential second opinions; and
  • Consultations and unbundled services.
Call the office or email me directly to book a free consultation if you are looking for assistance with one or more of the following family law issues:
  • Custody, guardianship, parenting time and allocation of parental responsibilities;
  • Access, contact and denial of parenting time;
  • Protection orders and restraining orders;
  • Emergency applications, including abductions and illegal removals;
  • Child abuse and spousal abuse;
  • Applications to cancel ex parte orders;
  • Divorce;
  • Child support and spousal support;
  • Dividing assets and debts; and
  • Drafting agreements.